The Swedish NGO Office for Nuclear Waste Review, MKG

MKG is an environmental NGO primarily funded by the Swedish Nuclear Waste Fund. We represent an unbiased voice of reason in a debate where a specific method of disposing our nuclear waste is being presented as a definitive solution, despite the fact that recent scientific studies suggest that the method is seriously flawed.

This method being advocated is the KBS method, pioneered some thirty years ago by the power industry’s nuclear waste company SKB. Today, this very company is the only party still insisting on the viability of the method.

What is more, the alternative method of Deep Borehole Disposal (DBD) is not only believed to be superior to the KBS in almost every respect, but is actually feasible using today’s technology. Therefore, giving this method proper consideration appears to be the only reasonable way forward.

For obvious reasons, it is our firm belief that the process of deciding on a final repository for our spent nuclear fuel should not be about saving face. It should be about admitting when one is wrong, and proceeding accordingly.

The future of the planet might actually depend on it.



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