19 June 2019 |

New overview of eight countries' nuclear waste management from the Swedish National Council for Nuclear Waste

The Swedish National Council for Nuclear Waste [Kärnavfallsrådet], the government’s scientific advisory board, has published a report on how eight different countries manage nuclear waste.

Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, the Czech Republic, France, the UK and Sweden are included in the selection made on the basis of where the council has been making study tours in recent years.

The report, called "Overview of eight countries - status April 2019, report 2019:1", provides an overview for each country and addresses similarities and differences between how the countries manage nuclear waste. According to the council there are some basic features that are common.

There is legislation in each country that ensures that spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste is handled safely. This legislation establishes a supervisory authority, and in many cases also an operator.

The overview addresses who is the operator of designing, building and running repositories for nuclear waste, and who is the supervisory authority. It also examines if there is any other advisory organization and how the country classifies its waste.

The report also deals with reprocessing, the plans exist for final repositories and who is responsible for intermediate storage.


The report ¨Overview of eight countries - status April 2019" from the Swedish Council for Nuclaer Waste, 190619 >>

The report on the web site of the Swedish Council for Nuclaer Waste, 1906019 >>

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